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30 December 2020

Fit & Flexible 2021 Challenge

Hello Gorgeous,

In 2021 I will ………………………………………
Write down the thing that comes to mind. Don’t overthink it. 2020 is nearly in the books, and it’s time for reflection and planning for the NEW YEAR!

Join us for 14 days of workouts, inspiration, mindfulness and support to start 2021 stronger together! There is so much to look forward to!

Whether your goal is to make working out a habit again, or you’re ready to kick your routine into the next level, or just to get inspired to take care of your body, mind and spirit; we want you to join the Fit & Flexible Challenge to make self-care a priority to create a balanced and more fulfilling life.

This 2021 challenge is all about being stronger together! So we created this challenge for you to set your goals and intentions to kick the year off with a great support system. We are starting on January 4th! Sign up now to get your checklist and to let us know that you are in! When you join us, we will invite you into our community and prepare for a strong start to the new year.

Community & accountability
Your challenge is to complete 14 workouts in 15 days. Each workout is 60 minutes. You can either join LIVE at 12:00 daily or watch the replay within 24 hours. Reflect on each day’s topic and share workout selfies with our private community!

Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday – New week, goals and dreams
    Full body workout & full body stretch
  • Tuesday – Insights & reflections
    Leggs, Booty & Middle Splits
  • Wednesday – Insights & reflections
    Power Arms, Abs & Bendy Back
  • Thursday – Insights & reflections
    Full body & Active stretch
  • Friday – Practice gratitude
    Love handles, Abs & Front Splits
  • Saturday – Rejuvenate your spirit
    Flat Belly, Brazilian Booty & Bendy Back
  • Sunday – Celebrate your wins
    Full body & Stress relief stretch

In week two we repeat the first week with different workout’s, stretches and reflections.

After your registration, you will receive the workout link every morning before the event starts.

Register here!